One Out Of Every Five Of Your Friends Is Getting Sexy, So Should You Be Concerned About It As Well?

Kink Is Popular Amongst Half Of The Population.

It’s still frowned upon to talk about one’s private sexual encounters. Does it make it any easier to bring it up in the bedroom if you can’t even bring it up with your closest friends?…

To be honest, you might not have known much about testing boundaries in the bedroom if it weren’t for mainstream erotica and softcore pornography (hello “Fifty Shades of Grey”). And we might not know how many Americans have tried and liked spanking and tying each other up if it wasn’t for anonymous studies.

One in five of your friends have probably tried it, and if that number is any indication, it’s a common part of sex play in the bedroom. In the 2015 Sexual Exploration in America Study, more than 22% of sexually active adults role-played, while over 20% were spanked and tied up.

What’s even more astonishing? Even those who had not had the opportunity to explore kink, nearly half of the 1,040 people polled expressed an interest in it in another survey. Experimenting in the bedroom may have multiple health and relationship benefits, according to growing research.

For the time being, let’s go back to the basics: What exactly is kink?

With no medical or technical definition, “kink” refers to any sexual practise that deviates from convention — commonly considered acts such as loving touch, romantic talk and kissing; vaginal penetration; masturbation and oral sex are all examples of what might be considered “kink.” It’s not clear what exactly is meant by kinky sex, but there are a few categories that commonly fall under the term:

BDSM. An acronym that stands for six different things when most people hear the words “kinky” or “sadistic” are conjured up in their minds when they think of kink: BDSM. From light paddle spanking and dominant/submissive role-playing to bondage parties and pain play, BDSM offers something for everyone.

Role-playing games and fantasy are two popular hobbies. Kinky sex often takes the form of making up scenarios in one’s head. Anything from talking about your fantasies under the covers to dressing up and acting out scenes in front of strangers can count as this.

Fetishes. Fetish play is defined as treating a nonsexual object or body part sexually by one out of every four men and women. The feet, leather or rubber shoes, and diaper play are all common fetishes (yes).

Exhibitionism or voyeurism. Voyeur fantasies include watching someone undress or witnessing an intimate encounter between two people without them knowing, while exhibitionism involves having sex in public. For some reason, 35% of adults polled said they were interested in voyeurism.

Sexting in front of a large group of people. Group sex can include anything from threesomes to sex parties to orgies, as long as there are more than two participants. Ten percent of women and eighteen percent of men have taken part in group sex, and even higher percentages have expressed interest in it.

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