Another myth perpetuated by the media is that people who are sexually confident are also reckless and often lack a deep connection to both themselves and others. People who engage in BDSM should not be subjected to this negative stereotype. Even though it’s healing, many people also see it as a safe way to express themselves, since it requires their consent as well as communication and attention from and from their partners. As a woman, this is one of the things that annoys me the most. It implies that in order to have great sex, we need to be emotionally in-tune with our partners as well as with ourselves. Because this is never accurately depicted in movies, our society has a very low opinion of people who are sexually confident. Okay, I’ll end this rant here for the time being.

BDSM practitioners and the BDSM community are often misunderstood as committing random acts of violence or inflicting pain on others at random. The truth is that every BDSM scene takes a tremendous amount of forethought, communication, and trust to pull off.